My Experience With Chronic Illness


What is fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a disease that affects your bones and muscles. It is characterized by a widespread muscle-skeleton pain followed by fatigue, insomnia, mood swing, memory issues, burning and tightness. Fibromyalgia amplifies your pain sensation by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals. Women are more likely to develop fibromyalgia than men are.  Fibromyalgia co-exists with anxiety, depression and irritable bowel syndrome.

SEO-YOAST Fibromyalgia

What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

You ache all over. The symptoms include:

  • Insomnia
  • Draining fatigue
  • Muscle pain, burning, tightness
  • Feeling anxious or depressed
  • Difficulty concentrating and remembering, this is called  “fibro fog”
  • Low pain threshold
  • Sensitivity to cold, heat, sound and light
  • Numbness or tingling in arms, face, hands, legs, feet
  • Dry mouth
  • Bloating, constipation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Headaches


There is no blood test to determine if someone has fibromyalgia or not.  However, a diagnosis is made when a person has had widespread pain for more than three months with no underlying medical condition that could cause the pain.

SEO-YOAST Fibromyalgia


There is no cure for fibromyalgia, treatment is aimed at reducing its symptoms. A doctor might prescribe anti-depressants such as Cymbalta or pregabalin for fibromyalgia. Almost all doctors emphasize the importance of exercise in reducing the symptoms of fibromyalgia, but there is no one way to treat it. Doctors use a combination of medication, exercise, and therapy to help their patients with fibromyalgia. Some patients find acupuncture, yoga, and tai chi to be helpful in reducing their symptoms.

Fibromyalgia self-care tips
  • Try  fibromyalgia friendly-exercises, these are low impact activities such as walking, yoga, tai chi that build endurance, strength, stretch your muscles
  •  Stick to a structured routine to reduce stress, and get your body use to moving which will then reduce tension in your muscles
  • Practice relaxation techniques to help calm your body throughout the day
  • Set a bedtime routine
  • Reduce stress, acknowledge that there are things you can not control
  • Pace yourself, prioritize your tasks, don’t push yourself  too hard to finish your to-do list
  • Communicate your needs with your loved ones
  • Engage in social activities whenever possible
  • Know and accept your limits
  • Accept help when you need it
  • Balance your meal with a low-fat, high protein diet and drink plenty of water
  • Join a support group

SEO-YOAST Fibromyalgia

Explore these tips and find what works for you. Understand that there will be bad days even when you follow your routine and stay within your limits.

Depressed loved one

I am a smart, strong, joyful person; a friend to many, a wife to an amazing man and a mother to three beautiful and energetic kids. Life happened and I became suddenly ill. An illness that changed my life and loved ones forever. As a result of my illness, the able, go-getter and hyperactive me became the not so active and a person I could not recognize. It didn’t take long before depression crippled me down a deep hole I could not attempt to escape. Yes, the smart and strong person that survived the unthinkable as a teen is now depressed loved one with…

Rainawithchronicillness is pleased to have a special guest blogger, Dani, author, and creator of The Village Girl– Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone. She is going to take us on her personal journey of a Philippines ‘ girl life of pleasing her family while working on self-discovery. Imagine what her life is like when her family’s happiness collide with self-discovery and how she learned to love herself first.

SEO-YOAST- MeltdownDani is a plus-sized Filipina ADHD kid, recovering shopaholic, alcoholic and workaholic. She doesn’t take herself seriously. She has an insatiable wanderlust, out of this world food cravings and goof addiction. If she is not busy planning her next adventure, she will be spotted taking OOTDs and OOTNs. She took a break from the crazy corporate world to see the real one. This is not another travel blog. This is her journey to self-discovery,…

SEO-Yoast- The Unsanity blog

Hello everyone! I’m Koral Dawn, a social media manager and marketing professional from Washington, USA. No, not Washington, DC; the other Washington on the west coast by California! You can find my blog here. But if you prefer to find me elsewhere, my Instagram is where I spend most of my time: @koral_dawn.

I’ve been recently going through some rough times with depression and anxiety after being laid off from the job that I moved 2800 miles away from home for. I had less than 24 hours’ notice that I didn’t have a job, and my manager didn’t even know until I did, about 10 minutes before.  You’d be a little off if you were in my situation as well. Things could be worse… we all say that.

Writing to Help Release & Manage Emotions

Life can be challenging, there is no doubt about that. This can be especially true for people who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition or even those who have yet to be diagnosed. Writing is a healthy way to release and help manage your emotions. And no, you don’t have to be a professional freelance writer to put a pen to paper or fingers to a keyboard.

Many people don’t have a healthy outlet to release pent up emotions and will just keep stuffing their feelings down until they get to the point where they feel like there is…


Sleep has always been a challenge of mine. It is difficult for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. Moreover, I’m a light sleeper which does not help. In the morning, I am irritated, fatigued and in pain, my fibromyalgia and depression symptoms get worst. I find myself going in the same circle every night, forcing myself to fall asleep with no success. I would count from 1 to 10 and backward while listening to the clock ticking.  All this did was just making me frustrated and making sleeping even more impossible.

SEO-YOAST Insomnia

Something has to change, right?

After years of struggling with insomnia, I was desperate to find a solution to my night problem. I listened to calming bedtime music, going to bed earlier and other sorts of method to help me sleep. Eventually, I developed a bedtime routine that …

My life before the depression

I am a wife and a mother to three beautiful energetic kids, ages 10,7, and 4. My family is my world. I love reading, cooking, and baking, cleaning up, listening to calming music and love spending time with my family. My kids love swimming classes and outdoor activities. I was taking pre-requisite courses at a community college to get into nursing school. Life was good. I am the person my friends would call for advice or when they need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. Depression was not in my everyday language.

SEO-Yoast active

Then came the sickness, what?

My illness was sudden…

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