About Me


Raina with chronic illness is a blog dedicated to providing beneficial information and organic conversations about fibromyalgia and depression. Fibromyalgia is a fairly new diagnosis in the medical field so there is still a lot to be known. Depression, however, has been around for ages and is manageable. It is still a disease we don’t talk about. Here I will not only provide a healthy coping mechanism for these two diseases, but I will also be documenting my personal progress of this difficult roller coaster journey. If you feel like people around you don’t understand your struggle with pain and depression, well, you are not alone. This is a community where everyone dealing with these diseases are right at home. Here, you will learn to manage your symptoms and live a more productive life.


I am Raina and I have been dealing with fibromyalgia and depression for more than two years. WoW! that was not easy to say out loud, but that is the purpose of this blog. To come to terms with our struggles and learn healthy ways to manage them. I must admit I never thought I would be blogging about this. But as a psychology student, I understand and believe in the power of sharing and healing through a community. You must know that I am still on this journey of discovering what works and what doesn’t.

I am a wife and a mother to three beautiful and energetic kids. While my sickness happened overnight, the road to recovery did not. Although I have an amazing, dedicated and supportive husband and kids, the journey felt lonely. This is why I created this blog, to share information I wished I had known.


I love cooking, goofing around with my family and friends, caring for others and learning. And oh a clean house with a smell of lavender or vanilla put me in a good mood, just saying.
Now let’s talk about one of those days when you feel like your body is really felling you. I mean when every part of your body hurts so much you don’t want to move in fear of making things worse. Or when you are so stiff and in pain that you just want to be left alone. Well, this is when I take out a good book to read in bed. Not just because I love reading but because this is also a good distraction from my pain, it keeps me from focusing on my body.
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